Blend 2017

Blend is a conference-style party for our creative, design and animation loving family with some of the most amazing doers and makers.

Jorge, Teresa, Sander and I organize this fun event to bring people together, inspire each other and have an awesome time.

For the branding of Blend 2017, we managed to get the help from the great Bee Grandinetti. Bee and I had a really fun process throwing frames back and forth until we finally came up with this final look. Together with the rest of the team, we then created a branding package which included badges, coasters, stage design, and a website where the attendees could make customized characters. But not only that, Bee pushed it further and the customizable characters were handmade into keychains for each attendee. Fun times and late nights.

As a side note, make sure to check out Oddfellows’ beautiful opening titles for Blend 2017 called The Blend is Near. So much love went into that video.

Role: Organizer, Design Director, Animator

Credits Video